Roanoke VA Homes: Does Style Matter?

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See where your home style ranks when compared to others in Roanoke, VA.  

Does the style (Colonial, ranch, split-level) affect the time it takes to sell a Roanoke VA home? Very much so! Contemporary houses were the slowest to sell, on average. From my observations over 25 years in Roanoke real estate, contemporaries are slow to sell. Tudors sold the fastest, which was a surprise to me, but the data supported it. They don’t make up much of our market, so it was a small sample, but the few that sold, sold fast. Of the more common styles of home in Roanoke, split-foyers moved faster than ranches and colonials. 
Some of the time differences are not particularly significant; a colonial took an average of 4 days longer to sell than a ranch-style home. However, if you compare a split-level to a contemporary, the difference is measured in months!
See the chart to view all the differences in home styles and time to sell.

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