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Links for Real Estate

BHHS/Premier, REALTORS Sites & Info.

BHHS Resource Center-Fast, easy MLS-connected flyers, send eCards for free, extensive educational resources

Premier REALTORS Main Website-this is our VOW that sends you leads automatically

Premier REALTORS Secondary Website-Backup website also collects and distributes leads

Premier REALTORS Facebook Page

Premier REALTORS Google Plus Page

Our NAID # is TBWRLT9520


MLS Related

FlexMLS Roanoke

SUPRA Web Login

RPR (REALTOR’S Property Resource)


GIS/Tax Sites

Local GIS Websites



2015 Laws Changing July 1 (VAR Summary)

Exemptions to the VA Residential Property Disclosure Act-When do you not need the Property Disclosure?

How to Sign a Purchase Agreement-Powers of Attorney, Corporations, Estates, LLC’s, etc.


Mortgages & Finance

USDA Property Eligibility-Check areas eligible for USDA loans

HUD Website


Advertising & Marketing

Headline Analyzer-Check the EMV of your headlines (from August 2014 sales meeting)

RVAR Ad Rules

Resize a “batch” of photos -Have 40 MLS photos, and they’re all too big? Resize them all at once using this free website.


Technology Sites and Tips

WeTransfer-Send huge files (videos, large batches of photos, inspection reports, etc.) for free, without using email

TIP: Have you ever wanted to leave someone a voice mail message without speaking to them? Maybe you’re in a hurry, or the person tends to keep you on the phone too long? Dial 267-SLYDIAL (267-759-3425) from any landline or mobile phone. At the voice prompt, enter the U.S. mobile phone number of the person you want to reach. (You must be calling a cell phone.) You will be directly connected to their voice mail. You’ll need to listen to an ad while connecting, but it’s either that, or pay for the Slydial service.


Check Your Continuing Ed Hours: Enter your name and search. Once your license comes up, click on the link at the bottom “View Continuing Education Hours”. 

FREE Continuing Ed for BHHS Premier agents<–Follow the link and get your CE for free.